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Developments Policy

  • Revise, modify and optimizing all the process and current activities for better performance
  • Creating new capacities and promoting human resources
  • Using latest knowledge and technologies in implementing and project management
  • Development in target markets in Latin America, Africa and Asia
  • Development in scope of work in civil and industrial field
  • Adhering to all Specifications, Requirements and Quality Standards Agreed Upon in Contracts;
  • Remaining Unflinchingly Focused on the Objectives of its Quality, Health and Safety & Environmental Management Systems;
  • Providing a Safe Workplace, Preventing all Hazards & Accidents and Adverse Environmental Impacts;
  • Abiding by Relevant National & International Laws, Regulations & Standards;
  • Implementing a Continual Improvement System;
  • Ensuring Efficient Provision & Effective Management of Resources;
  • Enhancing People's Knowledge;
  • Respecting Stakeholders' Views.

To achieve this goal, integrated management system based on ISO 9001:2008,is implemented and in order to gain effective use and continuous promotion and improvement of this system, Icon considers the following approaches:

  • Developing and improving human resources and emphasizing teamwork culture through the organization;
  • Expanding and upgrading the employees' knowledge in order to increase productivity and organizational learning;
  • Improving supply chain management system in order to identify, evaluate and utilize contractors, suppliers and consulting companies within the industry;
  • Expansion of targeted markets and establishing new branches, representative offices and subsidiaries;
  • Improving projects management and products quality;
  • Identification of financial and economic projects and effective cooperation in investment projects;
  • Improving required systems for the company's mission such as marketing management system, communication management system, and etc;

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