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Mining & Related Industries

Our company group , provide comprehensive underground and open cast mining services, specializing in open-cut drilling, blasting, quarrying, tunneling, underground investigation and design, including surface and underground support analysis and design, design of slopes, declines, drifts and tunnels, open pit stability and design, quarry products and resource assessment.

We are aware that our main competitive advantage is our human resources. Part of our staff has nearly three decades of experience in providing the full range of mining services required by our customers. We also possess the organizational flexibility to respond effectively to market changes and rapidly adjust to the changing needs of our clients.

Today, Icon with group of companies provides a wide variety of services ranging from development and design to procurement and installation, construction and start-up for industrial projects, both large & Small.

Industrial clients are under increasing pressure to satisfy the many requirements of building large-scale industrial projects in today's turbulent economic climate. Cost certainty, agreed timetables, exacting performance and quality standards are necessary to achieve satisfaction essential to all industrial projects. Icon's industrial project management systems are designed to deliver all projects on time, on budget and in accordance with agreed quality standards.

  • Main Areas of Expertise
  • Exploration of Metallic & Non-metallic Mines
  • Design & Extraction of Open-pit Mines
  • Design & Extraction of Underground Mines
  • Smelting ,Copper,Aluminum,Steel Mills Plants & Factories.
  • Cement , Chemical , Plants & Factories.
  • Agricultural &Industrial Plants and Other Related Facilities
  • Garbage disposal & Incinerator
  • Mineral Processing and heavy industries.

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